Meet the Founders

For some years now, Rincón has been the favorite vacation spot of Juan C. Biver Estela and Nerylu Figueroa Estasie, a entrepreneur couple from San Juan, P.R.

They travel to eat and try out restaurants, and while looking for places to eat in Rincón, decided to open their own restaurant there, being such a special place for them.

In April 2015, they began looking for options to finally open their much desired restaurant. They found it. Then they fixed the place, Juan made the tables, walls, the bar, which is made with the corks from the bottles of wine that they have drank in their first ten years of relationship; in short, they transformed the place. And that was when estela was born, on July 16, 2015. 

They began to experiment with gastronomy, in a very relaxed and "pet friendly" environment. On July 2018, Abel Mendoza arrived as Executive Chef; an experienced, demanding and creative young man.